Sing To The Angels Makes Him Wanna Dance!

I didn’t send out “Sing To The Angels” for review because 1) it’s a Christmas album, who cares? and 2) it’s a hodgepodge of styles. Really, it’s just for your listening pleasure. But my buddy Rich Mahan sent it to Barry Lyons, former promo exec for R.E.M., Van Morrison, Ozzie Osborne, Def Leppard & Peter Frampton, current CEO at Rent-A-Label, and here’s what he had to say:

“Then the phone rings, I don’t remember who, I get distracted. Put the phone down, dash off a quick email, I forgot what I’d even been listening to, and suddenly, I’m going, WHAT THE HELL IS THAT??? The song ends, I have to check the computer to see what I’d been listening to, and this FUNKYJENN stuff was still on the screen. So I hit the last track, and I find myself being transported, whisked back in time. It’s 1966-1967, when Aretha Franklin was moving from Columbia Records, taking along her gospel tutelage under her father, the great Rev. C.L. Franklin. And she was heading to Atlantic Records, about to work with Jerry Wexler and Ahmet Ertegun, recording with the Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section, and sometimes this whiz kid guitar player named Duane Allman. And they were mixing that potent concoction of secular r&b and old fashioned church, and coming up with some of the greatest American music ever made.

And sonofabitch, I’m sitting back in my office, listening to a song called “Sing To The Angels”. And DAMN, I’ve got that feeling again… like I need to head to Chicago, look up my old drinking buddies Denny Nowak and Carter “Mr. Smooth” Russel, and hit the town, and I have just GOT TO GET UP AND DANCE! Which, in the year 2014, is likely to be a pretty scary visual, more than most people could handle.

So forget any image you may have been forming of me and my drinking buddies from Chicago dancing on top of a bar, and download “Sing To The Angels”. No matter how down you might be, this will make you happy. I guarantee it.”

If I can make you wanna go back to Chicago, reconnect with your old drinking buddies and have you get up and dance well then alright!!